Sister University of Abaarso School

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Barwaaqo University strives to create great professional leaders, not simply great students. It prides itself on providing a high quality university education that empowers young Somali women to develop their country.  

Admission Process

There will be an annual application process for new Barwaaqo students each fall.  Interested students must first fill out an application form and submit proof of their high school diploma.  Candidates must also take an entrance exam administered by Barwaaqo at dates/times indicated on the Barwaaqo Facebook page. Based on their application information and entrance exam results, top candidates will be invited for an in-person interview to determine final student selection.  


The tuition for Barwaaqo is $1,200 per year.  A tuition deposit will be due promptly after admission to secure a spot in the class.  Barwaaqo will provide a limited amount of financial aid as needed on a case-by-case basis. Interested students should apply even if they need a substantial amount of financial aid.


Barwaaqo is a female-only boarding institution with a 9-month school year that includes roughly 30 hours of class time per week. The goal of Barwaaqo’s School of Education is to prepare graduates to be excellent teachers at the Kindergarten through 6th grade level.  In addition to a competent and conceptual grasp of mathematics, the Barwaaqo curriculum also focuses on a complete English education — all classes are conducted in English with additional focus on grammar, writing and reading.

The most important aspect of the Barwaaqo education is developing strong character in graduates, who must view themselves as ethical educators setting an example for their students. Accordingly, curriculum also includes a focus on child and behavioral psychology, youth social work, theories of learning, and health education.

Character and Community

Much of the learning at Barwaaqo also takes place outside the classroom in activities such as sports, community development, and other recreational activities. These activities aim to improve Barwaaqo students’ physical well-being as well as their confidence, leadership and teamwork skills.

In addition, Barwaaqo’s School of Education includes a significant practical teaching component where students can hone their skills. In the first years of a Barwaaqo student’s education, this will include teaching a class of students from the local Village. Abaarso School has implemented an extremely successful tutoring program, which serves as a model. In a Barwaaqo student’s final years, she will be actively teaching with instructor oversight and feedback.