Sister University of abaarso school

Our Mission

We believe in empowering Somali women to become professionals who drive development throughout their community.Barwaaqo’s first phase focuses on a School of Education that will turn young Somali women into leaders in the classroom, who will then go on to educate the next generation of Somali youth across the country.

Achieving Our Mission


Barwaaqo’s focus on “Integrity”, “Tenacity”, and “Reasoning” equips its students with the characteristics they will need to become great teachers and even greater role models.

At Barwaaqo, nothing is more important than acting with integrity. Barwaaqo students will become the role models for their own future students, so high integrity is expected at all times.

Our challenging environment permits only those who develop strong tenacity to thrive. This characteristic will be essential to succeed as the next generation of Somali professionals.

Critical thinking will form the foundation of all learning at Barwaaqo. Students will be taught to be curious and to objectively analyze facts to form thoughtful judgements and opinions.