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African Leadership Academy Visits Abaarso School


Abaarso School was pleased to welcome a visit from Laura Kaub, Director of the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at African Leadership Academy. Prior to this year Laura was a college counselor for African Leadership Academy, and is one of the world’s experts on helping African students gain scholarships and admissions to American colleges. Laura now leads an ALA partnership with the MasterCard Foundation which will send 25 African students to foreign universities (mostly in the US) this year. Four Abaarso School students, Mustafa Elmi, Guleed Abdirahman, Mohamed Abdilahi, and Abdirahman Abdisalan, are among the proud recipients of this scholarship.

Laura Kaub said, “Abaarso School’s students have really impressed me with their strong academics, critical thinking skills, and especially their outstanding English. I’m pleased to offer four seniors in this year’s graduating class full scholarships to university, and to welcome Abaarso School as a partner of The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program.”

Abaarso Headmaster Jonathan Starr added, “In the past year Abaarso School has developed a strong relationship with African Leadership Academy, so it was a great pleasure to have an ALA/MasterCard Foundation representative here on the Abaarso campus. Few individuals understand the scholarship process as well as Laura Kaub does, so our students learned a great deal from Laura’s presentations. We’ll continue to invest in growing these strategic relationship in the years to come.”

Abaarso’s 12th grader Sihaam Abdilahi said Laura Kaub’s visit taught her “no school or individual can place students into scholarship positions unless you’ve done the work to prove you deserve the scholarship.”