EARTH University Visits Abaarso School

Wendy judy

EARTH University, a leader in agricultural education and a MasterCard Foundation Scholars partner, sent a representative to visit Abaarso School and interview 6 of its students for potential scholarships to EARTH. During her time in Abaarso the EARTH representative also presented information to the entire student body and answered numerous questions.

Abaarso School’s Headmaster Jonathan Starr said, “We are grateful that EARTH University took the initiative to come all the way to Abaarso just to interview our students and grow their connection with our school. Hopefully EARTH will be able to accept some Abaarso students into their new class and this will just be the beginning of a long relationship between our schools.”

Abaarso School’s Mohamed Mahamoud Ahmed added, “EARTH’s visit and interest in our school was very important for Somaliland and Abaarso. She was very supportive answering our questions and seeing our perspective. ”

Wendy Judy of EARTH commented “EARTH University seeks partners in sub-Saharan Africa that share our mission for educating future leaders to contribute to sustainable development, particularly in rural communities, who will contribute to a more prosperous and just world. In Abaarso School for Science and Technology I think we have found an outstanding collaborator. The students are quite extraordinary, and regardless of where they attend university, will no doubt do great things for their country one day.”

EARTH University is based in Costa Rica. More information is available here:

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