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Barwaaqo University strives to create great professional leaders, not simply great students. It prides itself on providing a high quality university education that empowers young Somali women to develop their country.  


Barwaaqo is a female-only boarding institution with a 9-month school year that includes roughly 30 hours of class time per week. The goal of Barwaaqo’s School of Education is to prepare graduates to be excellent teachers at the Kindergarten through 6th grade level. In addition to a competent and conceptual grasp of mathematics, the Barwaaqo curriculum also focuses on a complete English education — all classes are conducted in English with additional focus on grammar, writing and reading.

The most important aspect of the Barwaaqo education is developing strong character in graduates, who must view themselves as ethical educators setting an example for their students. Accordingly, curriculum also includes a focus on child and behavioral psychology, youth social work, theories of learning, and health education.

Degrees & Certificates

Barwaaqo University currently offers four degrees and certificates for students to choose from. 

This professional degree prepares students to work in the field of education around the country. This program aims to ensure students have the knowledge and skills about teaching strategies, curriculum and lesson planning, education policy, decision-making, leadership, to create professional and passionate educators that can move forward the education of Somaliland.

This is done through innovative courses, practical teaching experiences and other hands-on learning opportunities.

The Bachelor of Education with a Montessori specialization is a professional degree that aims to equip students with the skills necessary to be a competent education in Montessori philosophy.  Students will gain the same core education competencies from the Bachelor of Education with additional specialization in teaching the core Montessori areas, including Math, Language, Culture, Practical Life and Sensorial. They will also have job opportunities at Kaabe schools across the country. 

The Barwaaqo Diploma in General Studies provides students with practical skills in Math, English and Technology. Students that earn the Diploma in General Studies from Barwaaqo University have demonstrated professional readiness through their fundamental courses and have a well-rounded education through their chosen electives.

A Certificate of English Proficiency from Barwaaqo University demonstrates that a student has the language skills necessary to communicate clearly and fluently in English. Students that have successfully earned this certificate have demonstrated that they have good reading and listening comprehension skills as well as writing and speaking capabilities at the B1 level.

Degree Requirements

Each degree has a different set of requirements that must be completed in order to receive the degree. Learn more about these specific requirements and pathways below.


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