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About Teaching

A hardworking, dedicated and compassionate teaching staff is an essential component to the success of Barwaaqo University students.

Barwaaqo University is looking for individuals interested in dedicating at least one year to teaching and building our community from the ground up. Successful candidates will help build a school culture that puts students first, modeling flexibility and problem-solving while tenaciously working through the challenges inherent in working in the developing world. To be clear: this is not a job; it is a lifestyle, there are often evening and weekend expectations. Our staff and faculty work are a team working long hours by design and with a focused purpose: we have so little time to fill the gaps in the educational backgrounds of our students. Those who fall in love with our students, the school’s culture and Somaliland will find ample leadership opportunities here.

We seek energetic, smart, adaptable problem-solvers with strong interpersonal skills, ample emotional intelligence (EQ) and the ability to laugh—with others and at themselves, too. We seek two types of team players: those who are at home with basic English and math instruction and those who have the background or desire to instruct our upper level students. All staff and faculty must be fluent in English as that is the language of instruction.


Teaching Positions at Barwaaqo University

Introductory Course Teachers

These individuals work with first and second year students, teaching introductory English, mathematics, and computer science courses. Students spend their first roughly two years (dependent on which level they joined Barwaaqo at and their progress through our competency-based system) at Barwaaqo University in foundational courses to prepare them for their pedagogical classes in the final roughly two years.

Pedagogical Course Teachers

Pedagogical courses provide students with an opportunity to delve into the realm of education in preparation for a teaching career. We are looking for individuals with either a degree in education and/or professional teaching experience, who can teach education courses in both a practical and theoretical manner.

Montessori Course Teachers

Individuals teaching Montessori courses will play a key role in helping to train students in the Montessori methodology of teaching. Courses in this area include teaching practical life, sensorial, culture, language, and mathematics and Montessori theory. These individuals will also assist in a primary program for children from the local village that is taught by Barwaaqo students. We are looking for individuals with a Montessori certification, experience training Montessori teachers is a plus.


Round-trip Airfare

Emergency Health/Evacuation Insurance


3 meals/ day

$325/month stipend

Minimum Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree 

English Fluency (Native-like English speaker required for English teaching positions)

The Barwaaqo Commitment

Barwaaqo is more than just a job; becoming a successful member of the Barwaaqo community requires teachers to fully commit themselves to the improvement of the students and the school and completely immerse themselves in the Barwaaqo environment. For teachers, the school becomes the professional life, the social life, and the source of personal growth. This level of dedication and immersion is not for everyone. As a new university in a developing county, Barwaaqo can be a challenging environment, and only those ready to dedicate themselves to the students and the school should proceed.

Regional Instability and Travel Warning

Barwaaqo University is located in a region of the world that has been known for chronic instability and the presence of terrorist groups. As of October 1st, 2015, the U.S. State Department issued the following warning:

“There is no U.S. Embassy or other formal U.S. diplomatic facility in Somalia at this time. Consequently, the U.S. government is not in a position to assist or effectively provide services to U.S. citizens in Somalia. In light of this and continuous security threats, the U.S. government recommends that U.S. citizens avoid all travel to Somalia.”

The U.S. State Department updates this warning periodically, so prospective teachers should look directly to the Somalia Travel Warning on the United States Department of State website.

Somaliland, an independent but unrecognized country within what is officially Somalia, has experienced relative peace for many years. However, the region is still considered by most governments to be part of Somalia and therefore is included in all such warnings and regulations. Barwaaqo does its best to protect its students and staff by using all available resources and security personnel, but cannot guarantee the safety or security of anyone traveling in this area. Barwaaqo applicants must understand and accept the inherent risks in living and working in this region.

More information and updated travel warnings can be found on the State Department website.