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About Teaching

Barwaaqo teachers live in a close knit community, delivering a world-class education to highly deserving students. Faculty live on campus, and typically teach for 6 days a week. Due to the intense nature of our work, faculty are expected to spend a significant amount of time outside of classes with the students on extracurriculars, SEL programming, and leadership development. faculty may be asked to supervise internships, or lead sports programming. 

We look for teachers who have experience in teacher training, Montessori principles, and one of our three fundamental departments (ESL, math and technology). We also welcome applications from those who may not have formal teaching experience, but are excited about our missions and are willing to learn on the job. 

We also particularly look for people who have a Montessori diploma in either 3-6 or 6-12 classrooms who can work in our Montessori department, training young women to become guides. 

Because we work so closely with one another and live together in community, we are very careful about who we hire. If you submit an application, expect to go through three interview stages, which are designed to give you the opportunity to learn about out community and our team in depth, and to let us get to know your background and your skills. We don’t want there to an any surprises if you’re hired, and we aim to be as transparent and clear as possible through the interview process. 

The Barwaaqo Commitment

Barwaaqo is more than just a job; becoming a successful member of the Barwaaqo community requires teachers to fully commit themselves to the improvement of the students and the school and completely immerse themselves in the Barwaaqo environment. For teachers, the school becomes the professional life, the social life, and the source of personal growth. This level of dedication and immersion is not for everyone. As a new university in a developing county, Barwaaqo can be a challenging environment, and only those ready to dedicate themselves to the students and the school should proceed.

Teacher Testimonials

 Upward Mobility

Abaarso Network strongly believes in promoting from within. Teachers who do well in and out of the classroom frequently get opportunities in other administrative areas including communications, finance & accounting, IT, operations, and management. In fact the majority of our management team across the organization and schools is comprised of people who initially joined the organization as teachers. This is true for AN Executive Director, AN Deputy Director, AN Director of Systems, Abaarso School Head, Barwaaqo University President, AN Chief of Staff, Abaarso Director of Finance & Operations, Barwaaqo Director of Academics, Barwaaqo Director of Finance & Operations, AN Development Manager, AN Head of Human Resources, Kaabe Deputy Director, and more.

 Exit Opportunities

Abaarso Network teacher alumni have gone on to a wide range of careers and higher education opputunities. Teacher alumni have led schools in places like Zimbabwe and Palestine, gone into the US Foreign Service, journalism at Al Jazeera and CBA, careers in Philanthropy at Bridgespan and Walton Family Foundation, data science, cybersecurity at Google, an Assistant District Attorney, and graduate school programs at Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Cambridge, and more. 


Compensation Package